who is perkatory coffee roasters?

Perkatory coffee roasters is a small batch, hand crafted coffee roaster and cafe. we at Perkatory put your taste buds at the top. roasting the best tasting coffee bean is more than a job for us. we roast beans from all over the coffee belt to bring you a variety of flavorful coffees that you can brew at home, work, or wherever your world takes you! 

why is our coffee the best?

We pride ourselves on roasting our coffee to ensure that all of the delicious flavors will be brought out when you make your cup of coffee. we also roast our beans to order. this way when you open that bag of beans, you know you are getting the freshest, and most flavorful cup of coffee.

what is the best way to store my coffee?

Keeping coffee out of humidity in a cool dark place is key. expect the coffee to taste the best within the first 4 weeks. keeping your beans in an airtight container will continue to keep your beans tasting fresh.

who is our preferred mail Delivery service?

Currently we ship all packages via USPS.

how can i track my order?

When your order ships we will email you with a tracking number. simple as that!

where do you ship?

Currently we only ship to the United States.

how do i return an item or receive a refund?

Apparel and gear can be returned up to 30 days from the date of purchase for in-store credit, a refund, or a replacement. If there is physical damage to the package or you feel it is unsafe to consume, bags of coffee can be returned for equal exchange of the same blend (or a similar blend of equal or lesser value). Coffee, at this time, cannot be returned for credit or refund. If you require further assistance, please email info@perkatoryroasters.com

Where do I park?

Parking is available in the Trolley Barn lot and the public lot directly behind Eli Cannons and across from our front door down King’s Avenue. We also have several spots designated for Perkatory customers alongside the building on King’s Avenue. The lots are for all businesses in the immediate vicinity.

Do you have any food?

We offer an assortment of fresh baked goods provided by Harpos Bakery. These pastries include muffins, turnovers, danishes, bagels, and cookies.