About Perkatory Roasters Co.

Independently owned & operated from Middletown, Connecticut
Specializing in producing handcrafted artisan roasted coffee

We offer a revolving assortment of distinctive single-origin beans as well as exclusive Perkatory Roasters crafted blends. Using modest production methods we are able to approach each individual roast as an opportunity to elevate and preserve our quality and taste.

From the diligent hand that picks the coffee cherry to the thorough process of roasting, Perkatory Roasters strives to instill in you a confidence that the conclusion of your coffee's journey will be a fantastic cup.

Perkatory Coffee Roasters was conceived from the minds of two children of the 80's. Raised on punk rock and skateboarding, they wanted to bring new life to a coffee shop in a growing community. By creating a coffee experience you won't get anywhere else, Perkatory Coffee Roasters will raise you from the grave!